2020 Annual Report to Contributors

Starting this year, we will be consolidating information about our yearly activities and statistics in a document presented as the Shuddhi ARC, short for Shuddhi Annual Report to Contributors. This will contain a condensed summary of what we’ve been up to, how our resources have been spent and some notes on what’s ahead for the coming year.

As always, the purpose of this document is to ensure that we are transparent as an organisation and make it as easy as possible for our contributors to participate and get involved with us.


  • 21st Feb 2020 — We launched a YouTube Channel for our organisation where we have published several videos on our the vision and updates on our initiatives. We will continue to publish updates there, so please get subscribed!
  • 22nd Apr 2020 — The first agenda on our 2030 mandate, which is to transform education, was officially launched as Shuddhi Vidhya.
  • 5th Jul 2020 — Shuddhi Vidhya gets its own official website!
  • 5th Jul 2020 — Under Shuddhi Vidhya, we have created 2 new YouTube channels which serves free educational content in both English and Tamil respectively. More details in our website.
  • 7th Jul 2020 onward — One of the biggest milestones in terms of progress in our mandate was our partnership with Isha Vidhya. Through the partnership we were able to conduct a remote learning program where we teach several hundred students computer programming for free. This will be the beginning of more streamlined courses in the future conducted in a larger scale.
  • 29th Dec 2020 — A Patreon account was created to allow contributors to support our Shuddhi Vidhya program. One time donations through UPI have also been made available. Links can be found on the official website.


  • Number of volunteers involved — 4
  • Donations received — ₹19,000.00
  • Expenditure — ₹22,521.10
  • Total Distance travelled — 0 Kms
  • Cost of Transportation (Approx.) — ₹0
  • Net expenditure (Approx.) — ₹22,521.10

Details of the breakdown of expenses and other details can be found here.

What’s Ahead

We are still in the middle of our first year of partnership with Isha Vidhya and everything looks quite promising and we hope for it to be a continued partnership. Moving ahead, within the first quarter of 2021 we will complete our first academic year of partnership with Isha Vidhya and talks are already in progress regarding continuing and perhaps even expanding the program for the next academic year.

There are some plans for expanding and consolidating this partnership to make it more effective and robust. Details will soon follow in the form of updates on the YouTube Channel. So please subscribe to our channel to stay updated!

Some other things to look forward to in 2021:-

  1. Explore mechanisms to help anyone who signs up as an instructor for Shuddhi Vidhya to financially sustain themselves as they help expand the free educational content on offer on our platform.
  2. Expand the number of schools partnering with us and the content that is on offer to the students.
  3. Register Shuddhi Fund as a government recognised Non-profit (80A and 80G certifications)

We’ve tried to be comprehensive in the listing of information here, but if you wish to seek specific details that may not have been presented here, please feel free to send us a direct message on Twitter or just comment below.

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