About Us

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Our Mission

At Shuddhi Trust, we aim to empower children’s right to education, particularly those who are underprivileged and in rural areas in India, by giving them free access to high quality educational resources.

Our goal is to turn young children into self-motivated learners who take charge of their own growth and development. We aim to replace the old education model with one that sparks kids’ natural curiosity and encourages them to excel.

We provide courses that help children expand their job opportunities. Moreover, we also prioritize equipping them with the necessary skills to become self-employed entrepreneurs, ready to solve future problems.

Meet Our Students

Hear from our talented and dedicated students about how our organisation affected them and their experience.

Kanishkka, Class 8

“I’m so lucky to get this opportunity. Thank you.”

Akshaya, Class 8

“The website helped me learn more about HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.”

Rishi, Class 8

“It’s become like a game, and we challenge each other.”

Durai, Class 8

“I will be taking Computer Science for my higher studies thanks to the website.”

From Our Founder

For nearly every child in the world, formal education is the gateway to becoming a functional adult in the society. And yet, the predominant approach to education is one that is fundamentally outdated and based on priorities relevant in a bygone era.

Our mission is to fundamentally revolutionize education through close examination of the first principles and systematic innovations. I envision Shuddhi Trust as a platform for social and educational innovations. As young as we may be as an organization, we are ambitious and bold in our outlook.

Our vision is to be a gateway of liberty, personal growth and realization of true potential for children of the generations to come. I welcome anyone passionate about education to join us in our mission.

Ragavendra Yarasi


Support Us by Donating

We are a small non-profit that relies entirely on contributions from the public. Your contributions helps educate a child and improve their quality of life.