The path to a new approach to education: The marriage of economic liberty and individual personal evolution

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My previous post was about the things that our current approach to education prioritises and what’s wrong with that. The effective summary of that is as follows:-

  1. The scope of our current approach to education is, by design, limited to seeing the employment and social respect of graduates as its highest achievement.
  2. A lot of these limitations exist because of the fact that we still continue to use archaic educational structures and processes that are rooted in a bygone era.
  3. Transforming these structures today is both necessary and advantageous since we can re-envision a structure that is non-trivial in scope and has a more expansive, future-oriented vision and a modern design to supplement that vision.

Now that we have established why we must transform our approach to education, let’s discuss how we can achieve it.

Create, don’t destroy

Any attempt to fundamentally replace a dysfunctional structure requires a revolution. And revolutions are not quick, easy, straightforward or without resistance. And it is quite easy to mistakenly channel our passion for change against the existing structures, rather than towards the building of a better one. And any attempt to bring down the existing structures meets with violent resistance. And even worse is when you succeed, it leaves a vacuum that becomes a breeding ground for things far more sinister than why we wish for change. So the dysfunction of the existing structure may be real, our focus must be on building something better that can be transitioned to.

The way I see it, the destruction of what is irrelevant is inevitable. What is holding back the destruction of the archaic structures is the absence of something better. Therefore, in essence, our focus must be on creating what is worthwhile, and let the destruction of the archaic structures happen as an inevitable natural consequence.

The most important factor

Any attempt to revolutionise the education culture cannot happen without deep consideration to one thing — which is, what the people want. Because at the end of the day anything will only find momentum if they people at large embrace it.

Today there are many small pockets of schools and institutions that take highly evolved approaches to education, albeit in small circles and within the confines of closed quarters. Their approaches may even prioritise the personal evolution of the students. But ultimately these happen in ways that are not scalable. The reason for this is that, first, these approaches tend to be expensive, and second, they don’t particularly care to advertise about the enhanced survival aspect, which our general population care much for.

For an educational program, institution or methodology to attract the enthusiasm of large masses of the common people, it must offer two things — affordability and heightened prospects of enhanced survival in society. Any approach that fails at these two vital criteria is bound to fail at being a scalable system for the masses.

The new structure

For a student, there are two potential outcomes of education that are of interest — one is enhanced survival, which involves social respect and great finances, and the other is personal evolution. Of course the new structure that we envision is going to focus on personal evolution, because that’s the whole point of having a new structure. But it must also enhance survival prospects for anyone who graduates. In fact the enhanced survival prospects must be the focus of the public campaign to embrace the new structure. Because, let’s face it — when you are worried about getting food on the table, personal evolution is a luxury, an unaffordable dream. And for the vast majority of the people in this country economic liberty is the need of the hour.

The bottom line is that any new structure designed to be a scalable and popular system that earns the enthusiasm of the masses, has to essentially be geared to create economic liberty at a mass scale, at a very affordable cost. And this is going to be the engine of transport to move our core agenda of creating a system that is fundamentally geared towards powering individual personal evolution en masse.


The path to establishing a new structure that is designed to promote a new approach of education is neither easy nor straightforward. We must essentially design a system that intricately weaves together economic liberty and individual personal evolution and must scale without losing this essence. This is the only way a new structure can be born that will prepare us for a forward-facing future with a society that is comprised of highly evolved and economically liberated individuals.

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