We Are Now Shuddhi Trust

We changed our name from Shuddhi Fund to Shuddhi Trust in adherence to the insistence by the government officials during the registration of our organisation as a Public Charitable Trust.

We started out in 2017 as Shuddhi Fund, and back then the name was chosen because I couldn’t get the domain name for Shuddhi Foundation, which was the preferred choice of name. Shuddhi Fund sounded like a better alternative and had its domain name available. So I went for it.

Little did I know that this choice, while aesthetically great, could yield in trouble during the registration process. Basically when I went to register the organisation as Shuddhi Fund, there was a confusion about the category that I was registering for since there is a separate category of organisations that come under Funds. So I was asked to rename the organisation to one that did not contain the word Fund. I was told that they cannot register a Public Charitable Trust that had “fund” in the title.

And after some reflection I went with the name that was suggested by the officials themselves, Shuddhi Trust, which also happened to have the domain name available. So there you go, the reason why we are now Shuddhi Trust.

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