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This video offers some footage of what went into building the app and some stats associated with it.

As stated in the video, we plan to grow this platform to serve underprivileged children in India and beyond. By making high quality education universally available we sincerely wish to provide the opportunity to be independent and free to every willing child. And we cannot fulfil that dream without your support. You can show your support through donations or as a volunteer.

Details regarding some stats shown in the video:-

  1. The start date being March 22nd might be misleading given the fact that the first iteration of the project went unused. We first started using AWS AppSync for the backend, but it ended up not working out due to its inherent limitations. So on 16th May, we abandoned the old setup and restarted from the scratch, this time using Django for the API. The UI also had to be written, although some of the code could be reused. But here March 22nd is used as the start date since that’s when development was initiated.
  2. The count on the lines of code is based off of the results of running the Counter plugin on VSCode on Oct 26th on the 2 projects. The resulting number of 1,11,406 lines is the sum of the lines of code in the two individual projects (the UI and the API). Additional details —
  3. For the uninitiated, UI stands for User Interface and API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s the frontend, and the backend respectively. The UI is what you see on the browser, and the API is what holds the data and interfaces with the UI.

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