2019 Annual Report to Contributors

Every non-profit’s growth and even survival depends primarily on those who contribute to the cause out of goodwill. So it is extremely crucial for non-profits to be transparent and offer details as to what they have been up to, and how the contributions have been put to use.

To this end, we will ensure that all our contributors, and the general public, are informed about the specifics of the milestones accomplished, expenses incurred and resources utilised throughout the year, every year.

This is our first Annual Report to Contributors.



  • Number of volunteers involved — 1
  • Donations received — ₹0
  • Total cash spent — ₹1844
  • Total Distance travelled — 1564 Kms
  • Cost of Transportation (Approx.) — ₹2572
  • Net expenditure (Approx.)— ₹4416

Details of the breakdown of expenses can be found here.

What’s Ahead

Through each of the programs conducted in 2019 we were able to establish a relationship with professional educators and institutions and learned the nuances of conducting such programs. Although the programs were successful in a way, they were limited in scope and in scale. The year ahead is going to be about scaling up the efforts to reach a wider audience, while also enhancing the scope of what can be delivered via these programs. Ideally we want to enable the participants of our programs to become financially self-dependent through the skills we are able to deliver.

We’ve tried to be comprehensive in the listing of information here, but if you wish to seek specific details that may not have been presented here, please feel free to send us a direct message on Twitter or just comment below.

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