Introducing Shuddhi Vidhya…

Our logo, for now… 🙂

In the past year we conducted programs in schools primarily as a means of exploring and experimenting with ways of pursuing our goal of transforming education. And we learned many things in the process. This year our efforts as an organisation are going to be largely centred around building up on those insights and execute some of the ideas we’ve had along the way. As we carry this out in a formal way, it is only appropriate to have a name for our initiative. And we’re pleased to introduce Shuddhi Vidhya, as our first official named initiative!

Launch video for Shuddhi Vidhya, explaining the significance of transforming education and our vision for how education ought to be.

We will be posting more updates as we proceed. If you wish to show us some support please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter and share with friends who may appreciate and be interested in what we’re doing.

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